How to Land the Best Entry Level Medical Transcription Jobs

If you are a newbie, landing your first transcription job may seem impossible, even if you have been certified. Medical transcriptionist jobs are practically all over the place and it is enough to drive someone who wants to work absolutely crazy. I have been where you are, so I feel your pain. But I am here to let you know that there is a way to break into this industry and find the best medical transcription jobs on the market.

One of the easiest and quickest ways to find out where you can apply is by joining job forum websites. Most of these job boards have places where you can post any questions that you have about a specific job category. In your case, that would be medical transcription. You’ll definitely have a lot of luck when visiting websites such as,, and There are plenty of people who visit these websites daily who are just like you, as well as those who have all of the answers to your questions.

You will be happy to know that the websites listed above contain huge lists of medical transcription companies. You can find out the 411 on who is hiring by paying close attention to the forum postings, as well as checking in with company websites every couple of weeks.

If you received training from a transcription program, it would be wise to ask them for assistance. Most online schools will gladly offer job placement assistance to those who ask. There are also schools that help to offer it anyway as a part of the program. Don’t worry, most reputable online transcription schools help to find you very well-paying, entry level medical transcription jobs.

Working as an intern or volunteer to a company who you know isn’t hiring or requires more experience than you currently have is a wonderful way to prove yourself as a valuable and future employee. It would be best to apply to a company that provides a high starting pay. If you get hired, you can count on making a big fat paycheck! Try not to limit yourself to online companies only, widen your horizons and set your sights on doctor’s offices in your local town and metropolitan area as well.

A lot of people who want medical transcriptionist jobs experience success when advertising their services. A simple way to go about this is to create a resume and maybe even some business cards. Email your resume to various companies stating your qualifications and any experience you may have relevant to the position you are applying for. Again, do not only limit yourself to advertising online, take your business outside of your computer and go out into your local city to pass out business cards and copies of your resume.

Doing each of these things should land you an entry level position rather quickly. If you do all of them, it shouldn’t take any longer than a couple of weeks to obtain your first job. The worst thing you can do is to become discouraged and give up. Keep your eye on the prize and remember that everything you are doing will be totally worth it in the end because medical transcription truly is one of the most flexible and rewarding careers out there.

Medical Transcription From Home: Why I Love My Business

There are so many reasons as to why medical transcription is the ultimate career!

For those of you who are not familiar with exactly what medical transcription is, allow me to break it down for you.

Medical transcription is when a certified medical transcriptionist, or MT, transcribes recorded dictations by physicians into a written text. Basically, it is the process of typing out everything a doctor says about a patient’s visit. It sounds easy, and it truly is after a little bit of practice.

One of the reasons why this business is so wonderful is because you are able to work from home. For a lot of people, this is a huge relief from what they are normally used to. The stresses of working in corporate America are enough to give anyone a heart attack. With medical transcription, you do not have to wake up at five in the morning unless you choose to do so. There are no bosses telling you what to do and no one hovering over you as you work.

Another great advantage of being a medical transcriptionist is that you set your own goals and limits.

Unless you are working at an hourly rate, there is no limit to how much money you can make. In the beginning, everyone usually works for someone at an average pay rate, but with time, pay increases. You are the one who decides when it is time for an increase in pay. If you work for yourself and have your own accounts, then you can charge at your own rate. Those who work for a medical transcription company can apply to a better paying company once they feel they are ready to move on from making what they currently make to more.

Parents with children have an advantage when they choose to become a medical transcriptionist. Working from home means that you do not have to pay for daycare if you do not choose to do so. Parents who are just starting off may not prefer to put their children in daycare, especially if they are still very small. Parents who work regular jobs miss out on a lot of their kid’s lives. Many people are motivated by their children to become a medical transcriptionist simply because they want to stay home with them as much as possible.

There are really no downsides to being a medical transcriptionist!

The hardest part is training, and if you can get through that, then you can make it through just about anything your career has to throw at you. There may be a few times when you have trouble understanding what the doctor is saying, but that is completely normal and happens to some of the most experienced transcriptionists. When this happens, just get up and go for a walk or do something else for a few minutes before returning to your desk to give it another try. Other than that, everything else is a complete breeze.

If you are seriously considering medical transcription as a career, then you are about to find out just how enjoyable work can really be.

When you are doing something you truly love, it will never feel like work.  Medical transcription comes with plenty of added bonuses that make it quite possibly the best work at home job out there.

Become a Medical Transcriptionist: Turning Your Dream of Working at Home Into a Reality

Every successful medical transcriptionist started exactly where you are right now. Probably, you do not have a clue in the world how you are going to get to where you want to be. And as of right now, most of your dreams of working at home and knowing how to become a medical transcriptionist seem like ordinary, pointless hopes. Well, it’s time to stop hoping and dreaming, and start believing that yes, you can turn your dream into a reality.

Why do people work from home? The same reasons why you want to. For one, they do not like the idea of having to make a commitment to the clock. Instead, they create their own schedules and are able to put their lives ahead of work. Medical transcriptionist jobs provide that opportunity to everyone who is interested. It’s actually one of the best decisions as far as home jobs go because it is a career that is in high demand and one that will never go under because it is in the healthcare industry.

Another reason why people want to work from home is because they like it. Who wants to get up and go to work everyday? I can’t think of anyone who likes having a boss, paying for childcare, spending less time with their families, burning unnecessary gas, etc. Those are all very unpleasant experiences that can easily make a person miserable and depressed. All of those things can be avoided when you become a medical transcriptionist.

You probably know of other work-at-home jobs such as telemarketing, sales, data entry, surveys, etc. Those are all really great jobs to have, but they could never compare to medical transcription. What makes this job so different from the rest? Well first, you must consider the pay. Medical transcription is a career that will not leave you high and dry financially. The average salary for someone who works transcriptionist jobs is around 45K per year. And to be completely honest, most people who have been transcribing for a while make much more than that! Secondly, it’s a real career that actually helps to make the healthcare industry run smoothly.

So, how can you get in on all of this? It’s very easy to do. All it takes is a little bit of determination, patience, commitment, and persistence. First thing is first, and that is acquiring the right training. Do not fear, this is a very quick and painless process. A regular program lasts about 12 to 18 months, and an accelerated program lasts for about 6 months. For more information, be sure to check out

The next step will be to create a designated study/work area. This will also help to mentally prepare you to become a medical transcriptionist. When searching for a training program, try to select one that will offer help with job placement. You do not have to, but it will help out if you doubt that you will be able to do it on your own.

Some ways to find your first job without assistance are to create a resume and take it to local hospitals and doctor’s offices. Save a copy onto your computer so that you can have it on file when applying at online companies. You can find a gigantic list of medical transcription employers on job forum websites and other people’s blogs. Google is another place to search for medical transcription companies.

There are certainly a lot of transcriptionist jobs out there, but it is you who has to make the effort. Remember that all you have to do is apply your determination and ambition to do medical transcription from home. If you want it badly enough, it will be yours and you will no longer have to live like a slave.

Four Easy Ways to Find the Best Medical Transcription Work

So you’ve completed your accredited training program, and are now looking for medical transcriptionist work. Fortunately, you are not alone. There are thousands of people out there right now who have the same exact dream as you. You may have already found multiple internet postings that talk about people who have been unable to find work. Do not let that discourage you because no matter who you are, there are easy ways to find transcription work.

Given below are four easy ways to find the work you are looking for:

1. Job Forums – You can either choose to look at the regular forums, or the stay-at-home mom forums – or both. To find an extensive list of these forums, all you have to do is Google the term, “job forum boards” into your search engine bar and you will be directed to the results page where you will find all that you need. Check in with these forums often because they can change every couple of hours.

2. Job Portal Websites – If you are wanting to do your medical transcriptionist work at home over the internet, there isn’t a better place to look. Websites such as,, and not only place everyday 9 to 5 corporate jobs, but also those that offer the stay-at-home workforce something to look forward to. These websites are also sites that you will need to stay frequently updated on.

3. Your Local Newspaper – It may seem pointless, but jobs can be found in your local newspaper, even if you do not ordinarily ever see anything. It helps if you have a variety of resources because the more places you have to look, the quicker you will find medical transcription work. Be sure to check in with all of your local area’s papers just so you do not miss anything.

4. Job Placement Assistance – The training facility that you attended to obtain your certification can most likely help you when finding a job. If you haven’t yet begun your training, look for schools that offer assistance and finding transcription work will be a breeze! Speaking of job placement, another place to look are job recruitment websites, which will also help to bring your job to you. One very helpful website that assists in this particular area is

Another helpful tip to help you find transcriptionist work easily and effectively would be to always have your professional resume on hand. If you’re ever out in your local area, consider stopping by some of the doctor’s offices nearby to submit to them a copy of your resume. If you try all of these methods combine, you’re almost guaranteed to find a fantastic transcriptionist job in a matter of weeks. No matter what, never give up.

Finding the Best Work at Home Medical Transcription Jobs

I don’t know about you, but the whole concept of working at home sure does sound great. Just think about it, working from home means that there are no annoying co-workers to deal with, and no demanding bosses to put up with. Work at home medical transcription jobs are some of the most popular work at home jobs in the world, and it is able to offer all of the bliss and comfort anyone could ever ask for.

Something people fail to think of when thinking about work is comfort. Over the years, working has become a dreadful thought to most people, and it’s not hard to see why. Medical transcriptionist work is a way to escape from the normal, everyday job. For those that are interested in doing medical transcription from home, there are some very simple ways to become a part of the medical transcriptionist career field.

One of the first ways to get started in this very exciting, yet comfortable career is to start searching online for some training programs. As soon as you find one that is accredited and meets all of your needs, sign up and begin. If you’re lucky, you’ll receive job placement assistance from your online training facility. Although, most people prefer to search for their own home jobs. is a good place to look when searching for entry-level transcriptionist work, and so is and You will need a resume before submitting your application, so be prepared to create a very professional-looking one upon graduating. Your resume will be your number one key into unlocking the gateway into the working world of great transcription jobs. People who present a professional resume have higher chances of snagging jobs that pay more, and that is exactly what you want to aim for. is one of the best websites for finding transcriptionist work, so make sure that you check in with them. All you have to do is scroll down to the transcriptionist category, and you should be able to find all of the information you need. is another website that sometimes lists transcription jobs, so be sure to check them out as well.

Fortunately, there are several other options available to you when searching for home jobs in transcription. Using Google as a means of locating transcriptionist employment can be very effective if you use the right search terms. Typing things like “transcription companies”, “transcription work”, and “transcription jobs” should be all you need to find the right job. Another thing that works is taking your resume to local doctor’s offices. You’ll never know when someone is interested (even if they’re not currently hiring) until you give them a try.

Between help from your training program, searching Google, searching through the job forums, job portal websites, and going out and looking for yourself locally, you should be able to find something worthwhile in relation to transcriptionist work.

Finding the Greatest Online Medical Transcriptionist Jobs

Finding the greatest online medical transcriptionist jobs is something that may seem impossible. If you’re one of the many who think that all jobs have went under due to the crashing economy, then think again. The healthcare industry is still full of career opportunities. Medical transcriptionist work is a great choice for all types of people from stay-at-home-mothers to those who just do not have any idea of what they would like to do.

What makes online medical transcriptionist jobs so great? Because you’re at home, and you’re working! When you’re at work at your usual 9 to 5, the thought of “going home” probably crosses your mind every couple of minutes. People just cannot seem to stop watching the clock and thinking about their affairs outside of “work”. When you’re working at home in the line of transcriptionist work, you can tend to everything you feel necessary from your kids to your house. Spending more time with your spouse is no longer a problem because it’s all about you, and not everyone else.

So, where can you find these spectacular online jobs in medical transcription? Obviously, the internet is a great place to start! To begin, you will need to become familiar with some very popular job portal websites such as,, and You need to search these websites on a daily basis because new updates on transcriptionist work are frequently posted, and they are snatched up quickly.

While keeping up with the daily job portal postings, you also need to become registered with medical transcription recruiting websites. The recruiting websites will be able to do a lot in terms of locating online medical transcriptionist jobs for you. Just remember to remain in contact with them because transcriptionist work goes fast.

Something else you should do is create a resume to take to local doctor’s offices. Believe it or not, most doctor’s will allow their transcriptionist’s to work from home and email the reports back into the office. The only thing you will need to do here is edit your own work and charge your own rates. So basically, the only downside to this is that you will have to find your own health insurance. Other than that, this is an effective way to find work at home.

Talking to your training facility about job placement assistance can come in handy, as most will gladly offer it if needed. They may also be able to help provide some additional ideas on how you can find online jobs in transcriptionist work. Be sure to sift through job forum websites such as,, and on a daily basis as well because online jobs in transcription are posted there all of the time.

Something that you may not know is that you can search through other people’s blogs and check out what they have posted. A lot of individuals blog about nothing purely more than medical transcription and list everything you need to know about finding transcriptionist work along with the companies that hire entry level and experienced transcriptionists.

If you hang in there long enough, however tedious and exhausting the process may seem, you will find the job of your dream and will no longer have to be a slave to your bosses or anyone else’s demands ever again. Freedom and happiness is what medical transcription is all about.

Finding the Top Medical Transcription Program That’s Right For You

Most medical transcriptionist jobs cannot be obtained unless you first possess a quality education. Probably by now, you have heard quite a bit about medical transcription and how there are plenty of different training programs out there. It is very important that you do not sign up to just any transcription program, because some really are useless.

The main thing you need to be aware of when searching online for a legitimate medical transcription program is that it is accredited by the AHDI, which is not the same as other programs. Most of the time, when checking for accreditation, you check in with, but in the case of medical transcription programs, you need to check in with

Finding the right program for you will not be difficult if you know what is available and what to look for. First off, you should be aware of the fact that there are accelerated, self-paced, classroom, online, and regular programs. It is crucial that you sit down and evaluate your current lifestyle to see what it is you need from a medical transcription training program.

If you’re a busy mom, then you’re likely to already have a full-time job, so an online program would probably suit you the best. An important question to ask yourself is how much time you have to complete the program. Most people do their best when on a schedule, and that is why a regular online program is most highly preferred. However, if you can’t find it within yourself to create your own schedule and get your work done on your own, a self-paced program may work out quite well.

If you do well with your transcription program, you should have no problems finding great transcriptionist jobs. It goes without saying that your scores are important. This is something that should be taken very seriously, which is why figuring out how you learn the best is the most crucial part of the process. Someone who works well under pressure would be a great candidate for an accelerated transcription program. Again, these are the things you need to sit down and really think about before choosing.

Once you know what you want from your program, as well as how long you would like for it to take you to complete, and where you would like to study, you will need to find the program. Top training courses are found at This is a very detailed and self-explanatory site that has everything laid out for you. There, you will find training programs such as CareerStep, M-Tec, Andrews, and Everett.

Some other places you may prefer to look when searching for a transcription program are Google and work-at-home mom forum websites. Asking questions and getting advice about your particular situation is always helpful and can guide you in the right direction. Another thing you may want to do is call the school you are interested in before deciding to sign up and ask questions just so you know you are doing what is right for you.

Remember that in order to be successful and obtain great transcriptionist jobs, you must have what it takes. And what it takes is nothing more than a high-quality education, which can easily be found with a little bit of research, time, and patience.

Five Ways to Rapidly Start Your Own Medical Transcription Practice

If you’re interested in getting involved in medical transcriptionist work, then you should know that there are several different routes that you can take. This is a career that provides a lot of opportunities for growth. It is definitely not something for someone who has no aspirations in life. If you’re going to make the decision to become a medical transcriptionist, then you had better be ready to become successful.

One of the most lucrative options available in transcriptionist work is the option of opening up your own medical transcription practice. For those who are not familiar with the idea of owning their own practice, do not be alarmed, it really isn’t much different than working for a company. You are still able to type medical reports inside the comfort of your own home. The only differences are that you charge your own rates, find your own medical insurance, file your taxes, edit the reports, and contract with various doctors. In short, you make more money and have a tad bit more responsibility, but it’s worth it. Sound exciting enough? Located below are five simple ways to start your own medical transcription practice:

1. Obtain Training – If you haven’t done so already, now would be the time to sign up to a medical transcription training course. You can take as long as you would like to complete your course. You may also finish up in six months if you prefer. Everything you need to know about accredited online courses can be found at

2. Find Work – This is obviously a very crucial part of the process. If opening your own practice, you’ll need to create a very catchy resume and take it to nearby doctor’s offices. If you prefer, you may also take your resume to other places a bit more further from where you live. Stay persistent with this method and you should be able to find transcriptionist work in a very short amount of time.

3. Create a Website – This is a great idea for those who are having a difficult time finding work. A website needs to be created in order to advertise your services. You can use your social networking page to post links to your site, as well as post ads in your local newspaper. The more people know that you are available for work, the better chances you have of receiving a call. It may take some time, quite possibly a couple of months or more before you start receiving calls, but it works.

4. Start Setting Up Your Office – Do this even if you have not been able to find work. As long as you are in the correct state of mind and remain positive, everything will fall into place. Make sure that you have a very quiet work area inside of your home where you will be able to listen and focus on the task at hand. Let everyone else know that your work area is off limits for everything else.

5. Know How to Speed Up the Process – If you find that you have been waiting more than a couple of months, then you’re doing something wrong. Remember to have ads in your local paper, as well as those in your surrounding areas, advertising your new transcription practice. Talk about it everywhere you go and do your best to seem very professional. Go out and create business cards if you have to and give them to everyone you see.

Before you know it, transcriptionist work will be seeming to come out of the middle of nowhere and landing right on your desk!

Crafting a Great Medical Transcriptionist Resume: Two Must-Do Tips

Do you want to know what it takes to get the best medical transcription jobs? Surely you do not want to settle for less than what you are worth, that is why you need a resume that boasts about what you are best at doing – and that would be medical transcription!

Medical transcription may be in high demand, but nevertheless, it is still a very competitive job market. If an employer comes across your resume, as well as someone’s who makes yours look like a joke, then you’re not going to get the job. The first thing you must be aware of when preparing a transcriptionist resume is that you need to be straight to the point and list all of the facts. Do not put down any unnecessary information because like most people, employers must operate in a high-paced environment and only have time for what is most important. In short, they want to be able to glance at your resume and know for a fact that you are exactly who they need.

Medical Transcription jobs are not hard to come by for those who know how to craft a factual transcriptionist resume. Make sure that you list all of the obvious information including your name, contact information, address, etc. This is very useful information that can also help your resume appear more professional.

What you really need to know when looking for transcription jobs is what to include to catch the attention of potential employers. The number one thing you cannot leave out is your previous experience. Just about every transcription website you will come across is going to list that some sort of experience is required. If it does not, then you need to know that employers always prefer the experienced over the inexperienced because it is just that much less of a hassle for them and for you. People who hire transcriptionists want to know that they can have confidence in their abilities to do a perfect job. The more experience you list, the better. Just remember to keep everything factual and avoid being too wordy.

The next most important thing to list is your skills. Can you type 80 wpm? Then list it. How many years have you been doing transcription including studying and working? Two, three, five? Put down all of the experience you have underneath the category labeled, “Skills”. It is perfectly okay to overdo it in this section because that is what the employer is looking for, just make sure that you are telling the truth. Are you an expert in Microsoft Office? Put it down. List everything that you can to get the job.

Although most employers do not require it, you might also consider creating a cover letter expressing your interest in potential transcription jobs. Always make sure that your grammar and punctuation are correct because this is something they will be checking. A medical transcriptionist resume and cover letter that do not contain any grammatical or punctuation errors is what an employer expects to find. Those that do will only be thrown out and not be thought twice about. Proofread your resume several times before submitting and if you feel that it is necessary, get a couple of second opinions.

If you take the time to create a to-the-point resume, you won’t be wasting your time. A great-looking transcriptionist resume that makes sense is very important. Submit your resume to several places once you start your transcription job-hunt and you should receive a call back within a few days to a few weeks. Whatever you do, do not give up, and remember the two most important things to include – experience and skills!

Did You Know AAMT Medical Transcription Changed Their Name to AHDI?

AAMT originally stood for the American Association for Medical Transcription. It is basically the transcription industry’s representative. Everything that medical transcription stands for was created by the AAMT. People who are looking for medical transcriptionist work are to first go to the official website that represents the industry so that they can find the appropriate information on obtaining the right training.

When it comes down to it, the AAMT medical transcription website – now, is basically all anyone needs in reference to getting started in transcriptionist work. The association wasn’t created until 1978 and did not set up a certification program until the year 1981. Once the certification program was established, more people were able to take part in medical transcription. From there, the industry has kept on growing into what it is now. These days, you can easily obtain a job online working from home, all with the help of the AHDI, which stands for the Association of Integrity for Healthcare Documentation.

The name change officially took place on August 2nd, 2006, and was made possible by the House of Delegates. This decision was made to help along with the massive growth of the entire healthcare industry. So, instead of only allowing the AAMT to stand for transcriptionist’s alone, it now represents a much broader sector of the industry. All types of healthcare documentation from coding to billing, are now a part of the AHDI. More physicians and clinical settings now have the ability to be a part of the association, and that is what has created such a massive improvement overall.

So as you can see, the transition was not only about the name change. If the association just wanted to make a couple of changes without creating such a huge improvement, it could have easily done so without changing the name, but it’s much more than that. It’s literally as if the association has surpassed all barriers by making such a change. Anything that was standing in the way now for transcriptionist’s is no longer there.

Every now and again, it is a good idea to expand the horizons of an organization or industry to make room for more positive changes. Since the AAMT has became the AHDI, it is more noticeable because it receives a higher amount of recognition from different sectors of the healthcare industry.

That is not to say that it was never wonderful and successful to begin with. Transcriptionist work has always been just as rewarding and serious as it is now. It’s always been just as important to the industry, and that is something that has never and never will change. The standards are still high and things are done in exactly the same fashion as before. It is just that more emphasis has been put on documentation and data capture.

Overall, the name change has reaped a lot of benefits to the medical transcription industry. An abundance of jobs have become available more than anything else. The change has undoubtedly created one of the strongest foundations for medical transcription thus far. As long as the industry has this rock solid foundation to stand upon, it will continue to grow and become even better than it is.

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